International Industries Limited

Incorporated in 1948. Listed on KSE since 1984.

Product lines: GI Pipes, Steel Tubes, Stainless Steel Tubes, API line Pipes and Polyethylene Pipes  

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international-steels-limitedInternational Steels Limited

Incorporated in 2007 as Greenfield Project. Listed on KSE since 2011

Product lines: Cold Rolled, Galvanized & Color Coated Sheet (250,000 tons), 19MW power plant

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iil-stainless-steelIIL Stainless Steel Pvt. Ltd.

IIL is proud to offer high quality, locally manufactured Stainless Steel tubes. “IIL Stainless Steel Pvt. Ltd.”, a wholly owned subsidiary, is the preferred choice for architectural, fabrication and hygiene intensive industries. Initially, “IIL Stainless Steel” is introducing 3 brands – all made in accordance with international standards:

  • IIL COSMO – for premium ornamental applications,
  • IIL FORZA – for automobile applications
  • IIL HYDRA – for water distribution.



pakistan-cablesPakistan Cables Limited

Incorporated in 1953. Listed on KSE since 1955

Product lines: Cables / Wires, Copper Rod, Aluminium Profiles, PVC Compound

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intermarkIntermark (Private) Limited

Incorporated in 1948 Private Limited Company

Product lines: Agents / distributors for domestic & International Companies including Labvolt & Fluke

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