Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

Our manufacturing facility, a dynamic production team and adherence to strict quality control measures ensures a product of the highest grade.

Production Facilities

Product Specifications

ISL’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in the port city of Karachi, the state-of-the-art facility comprises of a non-oxidizing furnace with a continuous galvanizing line from some of the top suppliers in the world such as Tenova, and Ajax-Toco.

Currently ISL has the capability of producing over 400,000MT of Galvanized products.

Manufacturing Process

Cold rolled steel sheet is cleaned and annealed in a continuous NOX furnace before being immersed in a molten zinc bath under an inert atmosphere. The molten zinc forms a metallurgical bond with the steel and protects the substrate by a sacrificial protection mechanism; the zinc sacrifices itself to protect the steel against corrosion.

Manufacturing Standards

Our products are produced as per:

  • JIS G3302 and equivalent

Zinc Coatings

Type Grade Applicable nominal thickness (mm) Zinc Coating
Commercial SGCC, SGCH 0.25 to 2.5 Z05 to Z27

Standard Nominal Widths

Our Standards widths include 914mm, 1,000mm and 1,219mm. Other Widths and Thicknesses can be made available on request.

Quality Assurance Tests

Quality Tests Performed Equipment
Zinc coating mass in line Jasch gauge.
Zinc coating mass laboratory Weigh scale, Glass ware, Sample punch.
Chromate analysis (Passivator) Chemical analysis.
Zinc Pot chemistry Analyzer Spectormax.
Coating adhesion test T bend tester.
Fluting test Fluting tester.
Tensile test Universal tensile testing machine.
Yield point test Universal tensile testing machine.
Elongation test Universal tensile, testing machine, Vernier Caliper.
Hardness test Rockwell hardnesstester, Vickers hardness tester.
Base metal thickness Micrometer.
Strip width Measuring tape.
Strip Flatness Surface Plate.
Surface defects Strobe light for inspection, Visual Inspection, top and bottom of moving strip.
Cupping test Cupping Test Machine.
Strip sampling Strip bench shear.



Cladding/Sliding, roofing, building accessories, sliding shutters, doors, partitions, canopies of gas stations, false ceilings, pre-fabricated buildings, sandwich panels, HVAC(heating, ventilation & air con ducting) etc.

Electrical appliances

Washing Machines, gas ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers coolers, elevator, vending machines, grillers, toasters, air conditioners etc.


Doors, fenders, heat insulators, air cleaners, air conditioners etc.

Domestic Appliances

Water tanks, trunks, canisters, ducting, water coolers, Ice boxes, geysers, etc.


Containers, packaging, furniture, computer peripherals, road signs, bus body buildings, storage bins, bill boards, etc.




Long Life

Hot Dipped Galvanizing increases the life of cold rolled material by many years under extreme weather conditions.


The coating thicknesses are regular, predictable and easily specified.

Complete Coverage

Because it is dipped in molten zinc the entire surface of the base metal is coated uniformly.

Toughest Coating & Long Lasting

In hot dipped galvanizing there is a structural bond between zinc and iron. It’s not just a coating but the zinc itself becomes a part of steel giving it a long lasting protection against corrosion. Strong adhesion with the base metal besides service life gives good formability in subsequent manufacturing processes.

Low Maintenance Cost

Galvanizing is the cheapest in long term maintenance.

Three Way Protection

  1. It weathers at a slower rate giving it a long and predictable life.
  2. The coating sacrifices itself to any small areas exposed through drilling, cutting or accidental damage.