Color Coated Steel

The 84,000MT facility allows us to produces high quality color coated sheets on various substrates like Cold Rolled, Galvanized, Galvalume, Aluminum and Stainless steel sheets. The high quality color coating enhances the corrosion resistance substrate and adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Production Facility

Product Specifications
ISL’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in the port city of Karachi, the state-of-the-art facility comprises of machinery supplied by some of the most renowned steel processing equipment suppliers in the world.

Our color coating complex comprises of a state of the art continuous high-speed two coat-two bake system line enabling application of primer and topcoat in the same run, this allows for a superior uniformed color thickness with highly reproducible colors and gloss levels. The line is also capable of coating the front and back in two colors in a single run and can therefore provide different coating on both sides. The plant meets environment protection standard as rollers apply paint and the drying treatment is free of chemicals.

Specifications of ISL Color Coated Coils

Following are the basic specifications of the ISL color coated coils:


Thickness 0.20 mm to 1.50 mm
Width 300 mm to 1250mm
Coil weight 1.5MT to 10MT
Coil ID 508mm
Total Coating Thickness 30 – 100 micron (including metallic coat, top, back & primer)
Substrate Galvanized Steel, Galvalume and Aluminium
Finishes Smooth, Matt, High Gloss & Grain
Color Coated Specification EN 10169, Equivalent of ASTM A-755 and JIS G 3312
Base material Galvanized Steel: as per ASTM A-653/JIS G 3302/EN 10327 Galvalume: as per ASTM A-792 Aluminium: as per ASTM B-209
Elongation test Universal tensile, testing machine, Vernier Caliper.
Hardness test Rockwell hardnesstester, Vickers hardness tester.
Base metal thickness Micrometer.
Strip width Measuring tape.
Strip Flatness Surface Plate.
Surface defects Strobe light for inspection, Visual Inspection, top and bottom of moving strip.
Cupping test Cupping Test Machine.
Strip sampling Strip bench shear.

Paint Systems

ISL uses Polyester (PE), PVDF and Polyamide paint systems.

  • PE paint system is economical and is recommended for materials exposed to normal atmospheric conditions.
  • PVDF paint is used on materials exposed to severe atmospheric conditions due to its and stable corrosion and UV resistance.
  • Polyamide paint system in combination with high build primers used on materials exposed to a corrosive environment as it is oxidation resistant, UV durable and has improved scratch resistance.

Material Composition


Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing Standards

ISL Produces the Color Coated Material in line with following International Standards:

  • EN 10169
  • ASTM 755
  • JIS 3312



Grain silos, sprayers, pans, feeding troughs, cold storages


Industrial roofing, architectural cladding, side walls, composite panels, linear ceilings, false ceiling tiles, partition walls, rolling shutters, door profiles and panels, window panels, gutters, awnings, pre manufactured buildingstructure membersK-span buildings etc.

Domestic Use

Trunks, ice boxes, tubs, buckets, storage bins, water tanks etc.

Electrical Appliances

Air-conditioners, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, electrical panels, decorative lamps, ovens, washing machines etc.

Furniture & Fixtures

Desks lockers, racks, lightweight chairs, kitchen cabinets

MEP Applications

Ducting, drums/barrels, containers, thermal cladding, air-conditioning ducts, railway coaches and other.

Outdoor Applications

Sign-boards, hoardings, road sings etc.


  • Environment Friendly
  • Anti-Static
  • Cost effective
  • High Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to peeling and flacking
  • Easy to Install, maintenance free
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Thermal efficacy
  • Lightweight, structurally strong, ability to resist strong wind.