IIL Megaflo is a premium quality, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water pipe that is designed for use in municipal and industrial applications and provides a safe, corrosion free piping system for transporting potable water and other fluids.

Made in accordance with Australian Standards AZ/NZS 4130, IIL MEGAFLO is an excellent choice due its proven track record of longevity and reliability in providing a leak free water system that protects precious water resources, especially in arid regions where water is scarce.

Whole Life Costing:

Product Specifications

Whole life costing is a concept calculation of the total costs of a pipe system throughout its life time. This includes costs of the pipes and components, installation costs and the cost of ownership.

Cost of Components:

PE systems are a preferred solution due to the following factors:

  • PE 100 pipe systems are more commercially attractive than PVC.
  • The actual SDR needed to meet the operational pressure can be selected e.g. for 10 bar, use SDR17 PE 100 pipe
  • Smoother walls & superior flow characteristics make the system design easier as compared to other materials.
  • The cost of PE pipe and fittings ranges from 8%-15% of the total project cost and considerable savings can be made in the installation and operation of a PE pipeline system.


Cost of Installation:

Installation costs comprise up to 60% of the project cost, these can be significantly reduced by use of PE because of the following:

  • PE pipe can be butt-welded above the ground, resulting in lower initial digging costs due to reduced trench width.
  • A PE pipeline maybe replaced or renewed without digging a trench resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • PE pipe is lighter and therefore requires less mechanical equipment on-site.
  • PE Pipe flexes around other underground services resulting in less fittings being required
  • The PE System is a fully welded system and requires no anchor blocks.
  • The PE system requires a smaller site footprint and thereby reduces traffic management issues and costs.


Cost of Ownership:

The high quality of PE pipe means that PE pipe has had better results than any material used for water pressure pipes

  • Welded PE pipe systems can resist earth movement that takes place during the lifetime of the network and is therefore particularly suitable in earthquake prone regions.
  • PE pipe does not corrode from soil or water and thereby does not incur monitoring and protection costs.
  • There is no build up in PE pipe bore, this means there is no reduction in flow and no additional cleaning costs.
  • PE pipe systems have a longer lifetime and therefore lower replacement costs.



HDPE Water pipe offers significant benefits:

Safety Record: Chemical inertness ensures that there will be no contamination of water through taste and odor.

No Leakage: Weld ability allows for leak free joint over long distances as well as the ability to withstand high axial and bending loads without joint failure

Long Lifetime: IIL MEGAFLO can be certified to last at least 50 years and to withstand harsh terrains and climates with no corrosion. IIL MEGAFLO also exhibit excellent weather and abrasion resistance as well as resistance to microorganisms & rodent attack

Lower Cost of Installation: IIL MEGAFLO pipes are flexible, light weight, tough and can be coiled thereby enabling easier site handling & installation. PE pipe can be butt-welded above the ground resulting in reduced trench width and saving on initial trench digging costs as well as replacement costs.

Low Maintenance: IIL MEGAFLO pipes retain their strength and functionality with minimum maintenance. The pipes are easy to weld into long sections and exhibit resistance to rapid crack propagation. Furthermore, IIL MEGAFLO pipes have a long lifetime in both static and dynamic loads and thereby reduce maintenance costs.